Need a Quantity Surveyor in Marrakech, Construction Economist

    Submit your plans/documents for estimation


    Your involvement in construction expertise for verifying and optimizing the costs of construction works.

    • Verification of quotations.
    • Preparation of Quantity Survey and cost estimation for all trades.

    The main activities include:

    • Studying the project dossier in collaboration with the architect,
    • Possibly taking measurements on-site and making sketches,
    • Determining material quantities and the time required for each task,
    • Selecting products and materials,
    • Making proposals to improve quality and reduce costs,
    • Consulting suppliers, comparing prices, negotiating,
    • Preparing quotations to be submitted to the client,
    • Developing a construction schedule,
    • Monitoring the construction site to ensure adherence to deadlines and costs.


    • Understanding the technical and financial aspects of a project,
    • Ability to assess all technical (materials, quantities) and economic constraints (estimated material prices, labor costs),
    • Proficiency in legislative standards and construction regulations,
    • Proficiency in quantity surveying software,
    • Ability to develop (and maintain) a schedule,
    • Effective communication with all trades involved.

    The Quantity Surveyor must be meticulous and detail-oriented, and demonstrate curiosity and foresight to find the best technical and economic solutions at all times. Their organizational skills, availability, autonomy, and ability to communicate make them valued partners for other stakeholders on a construction site.