The services of a building expert are often necessary to resolve issues related to construction and real estate projects. ELYSEE-BAT offers a range of services to support clients in their real estate projects, including assistance at handover, judicial expertise, and counter-expertise.


If you are experiencing problems with your company or builder and would like an independent opinion, ELYSEE-BAT can intervene by conducting a site visit, providing a technical report, and, if necessary, organizing a contradictory meeting with the company or builder. This allows for an informed technical decision, understanding of the construction method to be defined following a problem or defect, assertion of construction defects, non-compliance with current standards, unforeseen additional costs, or contractual breaches.


When you receive your construction, apartment, or work and have identified several points that you wish to reserve by making a retention of guarantee, ELYSEE-BAT can intervene by conducting a contradictory visit to the site in the presence of the builder, contractors, promoter, and ELYSEE-BAT expert. This visit will identify any reservations, whether aesthetic, functional, or structural. If the reservations are not resolved, a statement of reservations lifted will lead to the final settlement by deducting the cost of the necessary work to resolve the reservations from the payment.


If you have received your construction and have raised reservations by making a retention of guarantee or not, ELYSEE-BAT can intervene to carry out a statement of reservations lifted. This will highlight the remaining work to be done, which will lead to the final settlement by deducting the cost of the necessary work to resolve the reservations from the payment. Similarly, the ELYSEE-BAT expert will identify any defects that have appeared following the completion of the work and demand their repair in accordance with the law.


When damage insurance and ten-year insurance refuse to cover damages that occur within the first 10 years following the completion of the work, ELYSEE-BAT can conduct a counter-expertise in the presence of the insurance expert. This expertise will identify construction defects and non-compliance with implementation standards that have caused the observed problems. The counter-expertise may result in the insurance covering the cost of repairs.


The ELYSEE-BAT expert is available to accompany you to the site, provide a technical opinion after a visual inspection, answer technical questions, and propose necessary remedies to address identified problems. An expert report will be prepared to help you make an informed decision about the next steps.


If you have recently acquired a property and discover suspected defects, our expertise firm can assist you in identifying the issues as well as evaluating your options for recourse against the seller or the companies involved in the construction work. The ELYSEE-BAT expert will propose remedies to address the identified problems and outline the necessary repair work.


The declaration of a natural disaster can entitle insured individuals to compensation for the effects of natural disasters on insured properties covered by insurance contracts as defined in the Insurance Code. Our expertise firm can assist you in identifying defects and exploring your options for recourse with your insurance company in the context of a declared state of natural disaster.

Lastly, we also offer assistance in judicial expertise. After a comprehensive analysis of your contractual file and a preliminary site visit, our ELYSEE-BAT expert can assist you during a judicial expertise process. Working alongside you and your lawyer, our expert will present the necessary elements to defend your interests and provide technical information to support your legal counsel in asserting your rights.

In summary, our expertise firm, ELYSEE-BAT, provides services in various areas, such as construction, handover of works, counter-expertise, pre and post-purchase assistance, as well as expertise related to natural disasters and judicial expertise. With our expertise and know-how, we are capable of helping you resolve any real estate-related issues. Contact us now to discuss your project and receive expert advice.