ELYSEE-BAT | General Building Contractor

Structural Work

Mastering the quality and construction of a structure or building requires precise consideration of various parameters: the study of the site, the crucial choice of materials for the structures, and the construction arrangements for each project.

Thanks to recognized expertise developed over more than a decade, ELYSEE-BAT has qualified personnel and the necessary techniques to carry out various works in the field of general building construction, particularly in structural work.

From earthwork to finishing, including sanitation and structural construction, ELYSEE-BAT has successfully completed renowned projects (see our references section).

Of course, in construction, structural work is complemented by finishing work, which includes all other works that rely on it: insulation, partitions, coatings, chimneys, fittings, equipment, etc. Here as well, ELYSEE-BAT is capable of meeting very specific construction needs.