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Elysee-Bat is a professional and experienced construction company.

ELYSEE-BAT is a reference company in the field of construction and renovation in Marrakech.

Why choose us?

At Elysee-Bat, we are determined to provide high-quality construction services that meet your needs and expectations.

  • A professional and experienced team consisting of architects, engineers, and skilled craftsmen.
  • High-quality construction materials to ensure the strength and durability of the buildings constructed.
  • A commitment to innovation, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Exceptional construction services.

To realize your project.

At ELYSEE-BAT, we are proud to provide construction services of exceptional quality to meet your needs and expectations.

Nos services

Structural Works

Mastering the quality and construction of a structure or building requires precise consideration of various parameters.

Swimming Pool Construction

Throughout its evolution, the ELYSEE-BAT group has been able to maintain a relationship of trust with its clients and suppliers, and expand its distribution network both nationally and internationally.

Recent Projects

Choose Elyseebat for unparalleled expertise in construction.

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